Use of Facilities

When not utilized by members for Center sponsored activities, the facilities are available for use on a reservation basis. There is a set fee schedule for the use of various equipment and areas. Such fees are used to off-set some of the expense of operating the facilities. This is a significant portion of the operational budget. There is a facility use contract and policy to guide staff and members who want to use the Center for their own private use (birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, etc.). The Center is available on a first come, first serve basis with Center activities having first priority.  


Bulletin boards with various information are located in the main building. Members are asked to leave the article or information notice to be posted at the office desk. All articles and advertisements are to be reviewed by the Director, prior to actual posting.  


The Center has a copier, its capabilities include enlarging and reducing. Paper size can be as large as 11 x 17 inches. Center members can use this machine for a minimal fee per copy.  


The Center has pianos. Members are free to use these instruments when activities are not being conducted, in fact music is always welcomed at the Center.  


VCRs connected to televisions set are located at various sites in the Center. Members wanting to use them for programs are free to do so. Two TVs and a VCR are kept in the main building for programs presented to a large audience. These sets are not movable within the building.  


A secure (WPA2-AES encryption) Wi-Fi connection is available in the library/lounge area, dining area, and computer room. Ask the receptionist for the connection information.


Open communication is a key to the operation of an effective and caring activity center. Comments, suggestions, complaints or information should be directed to the Director, President of the Board or one of the members of the Executive Board. A list of these officials and their telephone numbers is published in your monthly Staying Young News.